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Steels for Pressure Vessels and Clad Plates

Industeel offers a wide range of optimized products for the entire oil & gas chain, in particular for applications in very harsh environments.
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  • Carbon and low-alloy steels
  • CrMo and V-modified steels
  • Sour resistant steels
  • Clad plates for Pressure vessel
  • Pipe steels and clad plates for linepipes

Our expertise

  • EAF route with careful selection of raw materials to produce high purity steel.
  • Fine tuned secondary metallurgy with vacuum and degassing processes (AOD, VOD) to achieve high cleanliness steels.
  • Heavy and wide quarto plates produced by continuous casting or bottom poured ingot with a comprehensive dimensional range.
  • A dedicated world-class research and development center providing technical support and developing new products to meet market needs
  • A global sales network guaranteeing single point of contact in your geographical area and being your representative with our mills.
  • A web-based customer service providing access to order confirmations, invoices, order status and mill test certificates.

Useful documents

Our solutions

Carbon and low-alloy steels

  • Steel plates designed with the aim of reducing carbon content to provide excellent weldability and toughness.
  • Optimized balance between chemistry, heat treatment parameters and mechanical properties to assure metallurgical structure with resistance in corrosive service.
  • CarElso™ and SuperElso™ steel grades are able to satisfy Low or Moderate Sour service conditions.

CrMo and V-modified steels

  • High performance steels designed to satisfy the most severe applications in refining and petrochemical plants where High Pressure, H2 and high temperature, alone or in combination, are present.
  • CrMo(-V) plates produced in accordance with API 934 (A, C, E) Recommended Practices.
  • High Cr steel plate (9Cr) produced for use at high temperatures in the creep range.
  • Industeel collaborates regularly with US Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and American Petroleum Institute (API)

Sour resistant steels

  • Excellent resistance to wet H2S cracking (e.g. HIC) thanks to high cleanliness and homogeneous microstructure.
  • Sour resistance testing performed in our ISO 17025 laboratory in Charleroi (Belgium).
  • Many years of experience and know-how in the production of CarElso™ HIC steels with field-proven performance and the approval of world-class oil & gas companies (ADNOC, Saudi Aramco, PDO etc.).

Clad plates for Pressure vessel

  • Roll-bonded clad plates with strong metallurgical bond achieved thanks to a computer-aided hot rolling process.
  • Broad range of backer and corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA) combinations.
  • Backer plates and CRA liners exclusively produced by our mills, ensuring top-level quality control.

Pipe steels and clad plates for linepipes

  • Delivered in quenched and tempered condition, with ultra clean steels and homogeneous structure, dedicated to (sour) Oil & Gas transportation.
  • Solid plates and backer steels for clad plates in accordance with API 5L or DNV Specification (chemistry and properties).
  • Narrow tolerances (dimensions, flatness) and consistent properties (strength, DWTT, CTOD, HIC) guaranteed thanks to recent investment in our production line.

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