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Calculation Software for storage tanks

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Life Cycle Cost Calculation (Calres)

A user friendly software program which provides a comparison of investment and life cycle costs for storage tanks.

The Calres software has been internally developed to facilitate a quick comparison of the initial investment cost for high capacity storage tanks fabricated from different materials, including coated carbon steel and stainless steel grades. The program also allows you to compute a detailed cost analysis of the maintenance costs over the expected life of the equipment.

The Calres software is based on the American standard API 650 and the French CODRES code for the wall thickness calculation. These standards, developed for the storage of oil based products, may be used for storage tanks for other products or for other industries.

The development of this software has been carried out with the technical assistance and the contribution of companies specialized in each stage of tank manufacture.

The configuration studied for the cost comparison program represents a vertical, cylindrical tank, with a flat bottom and a self-supporting cone or dome roof.

This program will show that in many cases the use of stainless steels, in particular duplex steel, for building storage tanks may constitute a very competitive solution compared to coated carbon steel tanks.

To review an example of cost analysis which will show you the capabilities of the complete version of the Calres software.

> To get a complete cost analysis with your own data, we invite you to contact Industeel, for any stainless steel or carbon steel grades. Our technical team will provide you this cost analysis free of charge.


The results of the cost analysis shown in the Calres software demo version are provided for information only and a complete simulation can be provided upon request.
Industeel is not responsible for decisions or costs related to the applicability of codes, materials, or fabrication processes for specific service conditions, unless they have been confirmed in writing by Industeel in conjunction with a specific material order.