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About the project

Industeel’s Product: 316L(N)-IG, 304B and 430
Customer: ITER INDIA
Final Application: ITER Project
Quantities:420 Tons
Mills: Le Creusot



Our plates will be used in the manufacture of the shield inserts.

The project

ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) project is one of the world’s most ambitious energy projects. The aim of the project is to build the largest tokamak ever designed to demonstrate that fusion – energy from the Sun and stars – can be used as a large-scale, non-CO2-emitting energy source to produce electricity.

The first plasma is scheduled for 2025.

9,000 blocks of about 500 kg each will fill the double wall of the vacuum chamber, limiting neutron radiation to the magnets and homogenizing the magnetic field lines.

This order follows a previous order of over 2,000 tonnes taken in 2011 with this same client, ITER INDIA.

ITER, an international project

This unprecedented project brings together 35 countries. Industeel has already registered more than 12,000 Tons for the project.

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