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Power Generation

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Coal power plants

Industeel is an active actor for reducing the dependence to fossil fuel. Nevertheless, coal remains a significant fuel source for power generation and technology has focused on improving efficiency through the development of super-super-critical and ultra-super-critical technologies.   

High temperature creep resistance of high-pressure high temperature welded pipes or supports used in these technologies is critical for their integrity in service, and Industeel offer of martensitic 9% Cr grades CromElso™ 91 & CromElso™ 92 are specifically designed for optimal creep resistance and ease of fabrication.

Nuclear power plants

Nuclear power is an essential part of the fight against climate change because it allows the production of low-carbon electricity. Components used in the construction of nuclear power plants, including those made of steel, must meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Over the past 50 years, our company has been present in the supply of steel parts (forge ingots, quarto plates, formed pieces) meeting the most demanding construction codes (RCCM, ASME III, NCA 3800). Our carbon and low alloy steels (16MND5, 20MND5) or stainless steels (NUCL™ 304L, NUCL™ 316L or NUCL™ 304 B4 for e.g.) have been used for the fabrication of components like steam generators, primary pumps, steam water lines or safety water tanks in all the major technologies used worldwide.

Industeel also produces special borated stainless steels for nuclear waste containment casks, and a range of special stainless steel for the prototype nuclear fusion Tokamak reactor ITR, being built at Cadarache in the South of France.  These special steels are also used in nuclear physics for projects such as particle accelerators.

Associated ranges of products

Industeel regroups 6 production facilities rich with a long tradition of metallurgical know-how and different product specialities.
Stainless steels
STAINLESS STEELS and NICKEL BASED ALLOYS for quarto and clad plates.
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Steels for Pressure Vessels and Clad Plates
Industeel has developed a range of tailor-made construction, pressure vessel steels and forged rolled plates to account not only for improved equipment reliability and increased lifetime and to reduce global life-cycle costs, but also for easier fabrication and assembly.
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