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Mechanical Engineering

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Die-casting and injection moulding industries

The increasing use of plastic components as a cost-effective light weighting solution for a range of applications, including automotive but also packaging and general industry, is expected to lead to continued growth of the plastic injection moulding industry, Industeel offers one of the widest product ranges for Mold Tool and Die Steels, in terms of number of grades, thickness range from 6 mm to 1100 mm and width from 1 meter wide to more than 2 meters wide, in both rolled and forged plates.

Industeel provides worldwide solution steels for Mold construction such as pre-hardened alloy steels, stainless steels for cavities, extrusion dies and mold bases, hot work steels for plastic, forging and die casting applications as well as cold work steel for press tools, progressive dies, stamping dies and cutting tools.

Industeel has also developed its own brands of steel in every sector of this industry, in order to offer tailor made solutions with improvement from generic grades in terms of machining, tool life time, repairability, thermal conductivity, through-hardness and improved mechanical properties. Brands like Superplast® family steel, Mecasteel, Isotrop, Tenasteel are well known all over the world for such demanding applications.

Mechanical equipment

Mechanical engineering typically requires the use of thick wall plates and blocks for machinery such as mechanical or hydraulic presses, counter-weights, press brakes, ball mills, magnets and other examples of heavy machinery.  Typically, these applications will require weldable steels with uniform mechanical properties through the plate thickness.  Industeel can provide such steels as conventional plates, but also as flame-cut pieces according to customer drawings, with excellent tolerances on the flame-cut surfaces.

Associated ranges of products

Industeel regroups 6 production facilities rich with a long tradition of metallurgical know-how and different product specialities.
Steels for Moulds, Tools and Dies
Industeel offers a full range of steel grades specially designed to fit mould and tools requirements, including all standard grades and tailor-made trademarks products for premium quality.
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High Strength Steels
Industeel offers a complete range of high strength steel plates including all the main grades commonly found on the market (690, 890, 960 and 1100 MPa).
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Steels for Offshore and Mechanical Engineering
Specializing in carbon, low alloy and stainless steels, Industeel offers a complete range of high quality steel grades designed to meet the most stringent specifications.
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