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Tailor-made components

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  • Ingots and slabs
  • Cut pieces
  • Formed pieces
  • Welded elements for jack-up rigs
  • Clad plates for linepipes
  • Prefabricated plates

Our expertise

  • EAF route with careful selection of raw materials to produce high purity steel.
  • Fine tuned secondary metallurgy with vacuum and degassing processes (AOD, VOD) to achieve high cleanliness steels.
  • Heavy and wide quarto plates produced by continuous casting or bottom poured ingot with a comprehensive dimensional range.
  • A dedicated world-class research and development center providing technical support and developing new products to meet market needs
  • A global sales network guaranteeing single point of contact in your geographical area and being your representative with our mills.
  • A web-based customer service providing access to order confirmations, invoices, order status and mill test certificates.

Useful documents

  • Tailor-made formed pieces brochures

Our solutions

Ingots and slabs

  • With historical expertise in the supply of heavy ingots for nuclear forgings, Industeel supplies commercial ingots for special forgings over a wide range of mission-critical applications in offshore wind energy, equipment in oil & gas and chemical process industries, marine systems and yellow goods;
  • Available ingot types include round smooth, round corrugated, polygonal, hollow and flat ingots in dimensions from 500mm to 3500mm diameter;
  • Steel grades range from carbon steel to low alloy steel, including 42CD4, and also special CrMoV and 9Cr grades as well as conventional and duplex/superduplex stainless steels;
  • Slabs are also available in 225mm and 355mm thickness in both stainless and carbon grades.

Cut pieces

  • Capability to flame-cut extra-heavy plates up to 80T and 800mm thickness in a wide range of carbon and low alloy steels;
  • Precision flame-cutting, or Flame-Cut Machining (FCM) permits to avoid machining on non-functional surfaces;
  • Technical support in design optimisation, including machining of the final piece, allowing cost savings in both transport and subcontracting.

Formed pieces

  • Several years of experience in the production of tailor-made complex shapes compliant with the most stringent material specifications for oil & gas offshore equipment, refining and petrochemicals, nuclear industry or defense & security.
  • A wide range of formed products: elliptical or hemispherical heads, cones, half shells, chords for jack-up legs or any other complex shape.
  • Unique forming technology of two-piece hemispherial heads allowing the production of very-large diameter heads, well suited for heavy-wall pressure vessels in Vanadium-modified material (CrMoV).
  • Technical support in design optimization and review of material specification with the assistance of our materials experts and R&D.

Welded elements for jack-up rigs

  • SuperElso 690CR steel plates homologated by ABS and DNV-GL up to 10” (254mm) plate thickness, with excellent toughness and CTOD properties at low temperatures;
  • Ability to flame-cut the teeth of rack plates and to hot-form chords for XXL jack-ups;
  • Extensive track record on project management including supply of welded rack and chord jack-up components up to 12m in length.

Clad plates for linepipes

  • Delivered in quenched and tempered condition, with ultra clean steels and homogeneous structure, dedicated to (sour) Oil & Gas transportation.
  • Solid plates and backer steels for clad plates in accordance with API 5L or DNV Specification (chemistry and properties).
  • Narrow tolerances (dimensions, flatness) and consistent properties (strength, DWTT, CTOD, HIC) guaranteed thanks to recent investment in our production line.

Prefabricated plates

  • Prefabrication (bending, rolling, bevelling and cutting) of stainless and 9%Ni steel plates, ready for on-site tank construction;
  • Wide, long and heavy plates allowing for optimal tank design reducing on-site welding;
  • Extensive project management experience in supplying cryogenic tank parts.

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