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Capturing CO2 for our common future

Steelanol bioethanol project

Capturing CO2 for our common future
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The project

Steelanol project is a scale demonstration plant that will capture carbon-rich process gases from ArcelorMittal Gent blast furnace and biologically convert them into bioethanol. This technology provides the unique opportunity to recycle the carbon from industrial exhaust rich gases that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere.

Industeel provided UR™ 304L austenitic stainless steel plates for the distillation columns where ethanol is extracted after the bacterial metabolic process.

Commissioning and first production are expected in 2022, with a production of 80 million liters of bioethanol annually.

Funding was obtained from various sources, including the Flemish government and the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 656437.

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