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Steels for Cryogenic and Low-temperature Service

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  • CryElso™ 203
  • CryElso™ 5
  • CryElso™ 7
  • CryElso™ 9Q

Our expertise

  • EAF route with careful selection of raw materials to produce high purity steel.
  • Fine tuned secondary metallurgy with vacuum and degassing processes (AOD, VOD) to achieve high cleanliness steels.
  • Heavy and wide quarto plates produced by continuous casting or bottom poured ingot with a comprehensive dimensional range.
  • A dedicated world-class research and development center providing technical support and developing new products to meet market needs.
  • A global sales network guaranteeing single point of contact in your geographical area and being your representative with our mills.

Useful documents

Our solutions

CryElso™ 203

  • The ultra low Nil-ductility temperature (Drop weight tests) assure an excellent resistance to the crack propagation, which destinate plates for safe use for Compressor housing or Nuclear waste containers
  • CryElso™ 203 plates are good candidates for coal gaseification or ethane storage due to the high guaranty level of Charpy impact values at low temperature (-101°C), combined with good tensile properties
  • Low C and Ceq assure the good weldability of plates

CryElso™ 5

  • CryElso™ 5 is typically designed to guarantee toughness properties at -120°C.
  • Steel plates delivered for liquefied ethylene and transportation vessels (carriers and storage)

CryElso™ 7

  • CryElso™ 7 is designed as an alternate or complementary solution to CryElso™ 9Q traditional 9%Ni steel.
  • Same properties and use as CryElso™ 9Q, but with reduced Ni level
  • Plates can be delivered ready to be used for projects: cold formed, chanfered, welded, etc

CryElso™ 9Q

  • Plate qualification as per LRS, BV and DNV GL and with proved properties as per BS PD7777
  • Plates can be delivered ready to be used for projects: cold formed, chanfered, welded, etc
  • Long experience and references in cryogenic storage and transportation of LNG, ethylene and ethane: thousands tons was delivered for projects around the world

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