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Published on : 01/10/2020

It took many months to shoot and especially edit the new film of Industeel. Now it is ready to be unveiled to all the people who will be eager to discover it.

From October 1st the film is now available on our website via the YouTube platform.

3 key words that symbolize Industeel in the world

Following a survey of Industeel’s worldwide sales network, here are the 3 key words that accompany our film.

EXPERIENCE: With plants that have shaped the world for more than 150 years, very few steel companies can present such an important history as Industeel.

EXPERTISE: Our know-how is also supported by our research center and our in-depth knowledge in the field of steelmaking. Our experts are regularly consulted to advise in fields as diverse as varied and thus offer customers the most optimal solutions.

EXCELLENCE: Some of our steels are true jewels of design and chemical analysis. They contribute to improve our world by offering quality steels in sometimes difficult environments and for more and more demanding customers.

A film at the cutting edge of what’s best at the moment.

If you’re going to make a new film, you might as well do it well!

In order to bring out the best of our factories, our new film was shot in full HD 4K thanks to professional cameras.

The two-minute 3D sequence presenting our markets required thousands of hours of work and calculations to get the best out of it. It integrates new 3D technologies such as Ray Tracing for example (new system of light reflection on objects).

Tools but above all men and women

In less than 7 minutes, the film had to present who we are, what we do, with what human and material means and finally for what markets.

The challenge was considerable, but each tool targeted by the film was filmed from all angles supported by a drone in certain situations. The selected images present the best of our production tools.

The men and women who agreed to participate in the film all contributed proudly to the shooting and the sense of pride and professionalism permeates the film.

We would like to thank all the people who kindly agreed to be filmed.

We hope that you will enjoy the film as much as we had the heart to make it through the pride of our employees and the pride of our products. Transforming Tomorrow!

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