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New datasheet for Creusabro M

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Published on : 18/06/2020

New datasheet for Creusabro M2020-06-18

What is Creusabro® Manganese ?

Creusabro® M is the genuine fine-grained 12-14%Mn austenitic manganese steel (Hadfield steel) hot-rolled plate.
12-14% Mn austenitic manganese steel shows an outstanding hardening capacity under stress recognized for a long time.

As delivered, Creusabro® M exhibits a moderate hardness of 180 to 240 HB combined with high ductility and impact energy absorption capacity. When exposed to high pressure or impact loads in service, Creusabro® M work hardens considerably on its surface up to 600 HB, while remaining not brittle in the bulk.
As a result, Creusabro® M exhibits high resistance to abrasive wear, where external conditions cause extensive work hardening of the wear component’s surface. Creusabro® M has found many applications in crushing and earthmoving equipment, in railways and in the shot blasting industry.

The second essential property is that Creusabro® M is a non-magnetic steel

Product advantages:
– Industeel is world’s largest producer of 12% manganese plate steel.
– Main uses : rail wear industry, shot blasting machines and lifting magnets.

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