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New application for Superduplex UR™2507

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Published on : 02/12/2019

Industeel provided technical assistance for the new chimney of the sintering plant at ArcelorMittal Dunkerque and supplied Superduplex UR2507 plates (8 to 30 mm thick) for its fabrication by Peruweld for the fabricator Ferbeck.

The 57.5 m high previous chimney was made with double wall insulated Corten steel that showed corrosion after 20 years’ service.  The corrosion resistance of Superduplex UR2507 allows to build a single wall chimney, easier to erect and to maintain but also to a lower investment cost and longer lifetime compared to the other solutions in steel or concrete.

legend :1-2 fabrication by Peruweld 3. the new UR2507 chimney in service since July 2019,

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