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Superplast ® Premium Steel

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Published on : 07/10/2019

The « Moulds and Tools » days are organized by the A3TS, the Cercle d’Etudes des Métaux and the IMT Mines Albi-Carmaux every four years since 2007. The purpose is to show the new metallurgical solutions, thermal and surface treatments, or design of molds/tools to provide selecting solutions that are technically and economically optimal for users.

The 2019 session will take place on 10-11 October in Albi, France. Industeel will be there to present a technical paper Superplast® Premium steel: an alternative to ESR.

The aim is to present our Superplast® Premium grade and to compare its properties with standard and remelted equivalent grade. Thanks to a specific solidification process developed by Industeel, we will show that it is possible with a single-melt grade to achieve metallurgical properties fulfilling the most stringent requirements, such as optical polishing or shiny chrome plating

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