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Great success for the 355 mm continuous slab caster!

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Published on : 16/02/2018

The objectives of this project have been achieved. The 18 million euro investment for a new continuous slab caster, inaugurated last year at Industeel Charleroi, now offers the possibility to produce plates up to a unit weight of 20 tonnes with an increase of the maximum thickness up to 175mm for high strength steel and 150mm for standard stainless steels.

Developments driven for stainless, pressure vessels and high-strength steels enable us to continue to serve the increasingly demanding markets of energy, oil, chemicals, architecture, as well as plastics (molding of plastic parts by hot injection).

For stainless steel, we indeed have strengthened our unique position as the largest, longest and heaviest quarto plate producer on the market.

This new offer enables Industeel to maintain its leading position in the supply of high-quality special steels, ever more sophisticated, in ever more extreme formats.

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